Johansen's Handbook

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Your Personal Interactive Guide up the Inside Passage
from Seattle to Ketchikan

The author, Bill Johansen, is an experienced seaman. Having commercial fished and pleasure cruised in Southeast Alaska for over twenty years made for many trips up and down the inside passage. Johansen's Handbook includes information from the US Coast Pilot and Canadian Sailing Directions for the anchorages and harbors.

Johansen's Handbook was inspired by "Hansen's Handbook" copyright 1931. The Hansen's Handbook was compiled mainly for shipping traffic from Puget Sound to Western Alaska including the inside passage from Seattle to Ketchikan. Johansen's Handbook expands on the Seattle to Ketchikan route by adding anchorages, harbors. routes and alternate routes. Since we are in the age of computers Johansen's Handbook comes on a CD and includes dynamic calculators


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